Boston Classical Review, on O Fragile Human, Speak...    
Photo by David Peth

"Travis Alford's O Fragile Human Speak... was the dramatic apex of the evening...a truly sublime rendering of the terror and wonder of otherworldly experience."

          - Stefanie Lubkowski, Full Article

Boston Musical Intelligencer, on O Fragile Human, Speak...    

"...the work of a mature composer in command of his tools and aware of his own style."

          - Nate Shaffer, Full Article

New York Times, on Transitions    

"Mr. Alford uses [jazz] as a strand within a light-textured mixture of contemporary accents, and his work's spirit is in the graceful way jazz and a mild modernist thorniness move in and out of focus."

          - Allan Kozinn, Full Article

Dr. Britton Theurer (East Carolina University)    

"Travis writes music that appeals to my sensibilities. He grabs my intellectual and emotional attention and doesn't let go until long after the piece is finished."

Sonograma Magazine    

"...a sense of humor that is evident in [Mr. Alford's] titles and writing, more so than many composers..."

          - Interview with Thomas Moore, Full Article

Brandeis Justice, on Trickle-Down Tango    

"...actually quite enjoyable."

          - Emily Wishingrad, Full Article

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